About us

Alpen Animation is now a team of creative copywriters, designers and animators, but it started as result of two people's visions imminently coming together. Each of us brought their biggest strengths and passions, which combined, gave birth to a  unique animation studio. 

What makes us different from the rest is a rare combination of more than 20 years of  international business and marketing experience with  a life-long passion for creating animated pictures. As a result, we not only produce well-designed and high quality videos, but also bring in a very deep knowledge of the market, profound research before starting the production of each film and flawless customer service. 

We would like to share our story with you.


Emilia's story

Since very young age I've always been fascinated by the power of animation and being able to create whole new worlds and stories  with just a few tools.

In the beginning the only tool was a video camera with a stop-motion feature. At the age of 16, together with my sisters, I made my first  animated short video, which won a  Special Prize on the 1999 SMOFI festival (Polish Festival of Amateur Animated Films). 

Soon, when computer animation became more accessible, I got completely hooked on it and spent majority of my free time learning the software. I loved it, but never in my innermost  dreams would I have thought, that soon it would become my job. 

Once I saw a huge potential of using short animated films for marketing purposes, events, theatre,  education etc., I started my freelance career as a motion graphics designer, touching almost every style and technique available. 

A few years later, one of my customers, for whom I had produced an animated product video, saw with his own eyes the  effect this medium had on the sales of the product and not long afterwards we joined forces and  started our full-time animation studio (getting married somewhere in between). 

If you want to know more about me and my creative journey, please check my personal website www.emiliametzel.com, where I share some of my side projects, as well as the process behind some of our Alpen Animation videos.

I'm also a Teacher Assistant in the greatest online motion design school - School of Motion.





Frank's story

I've been working in sales and marketing for over 20 years. My main strength was always analysing the markets, introducing new products, building up marketing teams and  taking care of the sales.  

I've always loved trying new  approaches and implementing new possibilities that Internet and new technologies brought, so after my first success of using a video at the point of sales, I knew right away, that this is the future of marketing and that no text or pictures can't have such an impact on the potential customer's decisions as a video does. This first video was, however, a 'real-life' video - with actors, set, cameramen, lightening and sound engineers, so the production costs were of course very high. 

That's when I came across the concept of animated video, which not only has got a much bigger potential to explain, entertain and as a result to convince, but also its production costs are many times lower than those of a 'normal' video. So when Emilia produced her first animated video for my company and I could witness its immediate marketing benefits, I was then fully convinced, that this is what I want to do and that there is such a huge potential.